Decorating Your New Home

After spending months searching for a new home in Redditch, you have finally found one that meets your requirements. It is located close to your office and your kid's school as well. However, it seems as if the previous owner did not take proper care of the house. Could this be the reason why you got it for a bargain price? Your first job is to redecorate the house before you move in with your family. A quick glance shows that there are no curtains, sofas, and carpets, and the wall looks as if the previous owners did not paint it for ages. Your first job is to get the house painted, as this job requires scraping off the old paint before applying primer and paint. Scraping the walls releases many fine particulates of dust that float in the air before settling down on the floor and on other items present in the house. This could potentially damage any new furniture or draping in the vicinity. It is a good idea to contact a professional builders redditch company for the restoration job. These professionals, apart from restoring the d├ęcor of your house, will also ensure that nothing gets damaged or dirty during the restoration process.

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Selecting the colour etcetera

While you can depend on builder Redditch to select the colour combination of the different rooms of your new abode, you are at liberty to select the colours too. Ensure that the colours you select enhance the interiors of your house. Use light colours for the sitting room and slightly darker colours for the bedroom. While you can opt for either distemper or plastic paint (the latter is more expensive) for all of the rooms, it is best to opt for oil paint for the kitchen, as the fumes released during cooking contain oil that settles on the walls. You can easily clean oil-based paints on the wall by rubbing it smoothly with a lint-free cloth soaked in mild detergent. On completion of the painting job, it is time to purchase sofas and other furniture as well as upholstery, curtains, carpets, and cushions. Handwoven cushions are the rage nowadays; therefore, search online for them. Many popular online stores that sell home decorating stuff allow you to draw the layout of each of your room, colour them using the same colours you have used for painting the walls of your home, and arrange the furniture and other stuff. This gives you an idea of the amount of free space left in the room after installing the furniture as well as the view of the room.

Play around with permutations and combinations

Play around with cushions, carpets, curtains, and upholstery of different colours until you are satisfied. Once you are happy, place the order. You should never try this mix and match job on your own unless you have knowledge about interior decoration and a keen eye for colour combinations. It is best to leave the job to one of the many professional builders Redditch.